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Your decision to tape delay the Winter Games on the west coast -- the coast where the games are taking place -- is patently absurd. 

This is not 1992, where to avoid results you might have to turn off the car radio on the way home.  Now you have to avoid the entire Internet -- twitter, facebook, everything -- for the full evening.  That's literally impossible for many of us who have other obligations.

For pete's sake, you people own half a zillion cable channels. Couldn't you show live coverage on ONE of them and then show the repeats later on NBC?  Let your viewers choose.  After all, if hardly any viewers are here on the west coast, as Dick Ebersol insists, then it shouldn't matter if a cable channel siphons off the ever-so-few of us who would choose to watch live.  You know, if we had a choice.

And even if there's some slight tiny bit of logic to showing coverage in prime time during the week, what's the excuse on the weekends?  Are you really arguing there are more people home on Saturday at 8 pm than at 4 pm?  Really?

The west coast is tired of being second class citizens when it comes to live events. 

Lynn from Irvine, California -- I watch on KNBC, you know, in the country's #2 media market

(Actually sent to nbcolympicsfeedback@nbcuni.com)


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