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From the leaked user guide:

I want to sync with Outlook or Palm Desktop software on my computer

Your Pre phone does not support synchronization with Palm Desktop software or Outlook on your desktop computer. Your Pre phone, however, gives you options for synchronization without a cable. You can sync with online services that Palm has partnered with so that you can store and sync your info in online accounts. You can access your data even when you are not able to make a connection to the Web because a copy of your data is stored on your phone.If you have data from a Palm smartphone in Outlook or Palm Desktop software, you can do a one-way import of the data to your phone (see “Transfer Data From Your Computer to Your New Phone” on page19). You can assign this data to sync with an online account. You can also assign it to the Palm profile account. Data in this account is backed up to your Palm profile daily, so you can retrieve it if you need to reset your phone. But it is not a true sync, because you cannot change your Palm profile data anywhere except on your phone.If your Outlook data is associated with a Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account, you can synchronize the info wirelessly with Exchange ActiveSync.

But it appears that there will be third party apps that will step into the breach here and allow those who don't want to learn the Great New Way to stick with the Same Old Way.  We should learn about these shortly after the June 6 launch.


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